About Us

We are a small, passionate group, who believe that the education process can be improved through technology. We use our unique backgrounds, from theoretical physics to psychology, to design new solutions and build HelpCue.

ahmed omran photo

Ahmed Omran

Ahmed Omran is a passionate educator with experience in teaching, curriculum development and instructional design. He is also a web developer, specializing in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Follow him on Twitter.

alexander miloff photo

Alexander Miloff

Alexander has Master's degrees in psychotherapy and public health. His work with international organizations focused on the impact of technologies on development.

nachiket kumar photo

Nachiket Kumar

Nachiket is a web and UI designer and front-end developer. In a past life, he studied biology and worked in an immunology lab. Sass, SVGs and responsive design are of special interest. You can find him on Twitter.

paula franzini photo

Paula Franzini

Paula is a developer and data scientist. She spent over 10 years as a physicist at labs such as CERN, SLAC (Stanford U), and LBL (UCBerkeley). More recently, she was a professional visual artist for several years. You can see some of her work on her website.